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Immigration Law

What is Immigration Law?

Immigration law is the body of rules that determines who can enter the country and for how long. The main body of immigration law is known as the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). U.S. Immigration law is based on four main principles:

  • Reunification of families
  • Protection of refugees
  • Admitting immigrants with useful skills
  • Promoting diversity

Under the rules of the INA, there are up to 675,000 permanent immigrant visas available each year for various reasons. Immediate family members of U.S. citizens such as spouses, parents, or children under 21 are always eligible for a permanent immigrant visa and are not subject to any limitation. 

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

An immigration lawyer can help you properly prepare all the necessary paperwork to help you obtain whatever visa you are eligible for. It is important to understand how you must present your case and the information requested by the federal government. An immigration lawyer can help you best present your case to earn admission through a visa. The immigration legal process can be difficult and confusing to manage. Having an experienced immigration lawyer on your side can help you save a lot of time, money, and headache.

What are the Two Visa Categories?

There are two main visa categories in the United States, Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visas. The default belief of any immigration official is that anyone who enters the United States plans to do so with the intent to stay permanently unless they have a visa that shows their intent to leave after a specified period. Immigrant visas are for those who intend to stay permanently; nonimmigrant visas are for those who intend to stay temporarily for various reasons. The following is a list of the most popular visas that are available to immigrants and nonimmigrants.

  • Immigrant Visa (visas available in parentheses)
    • Immediate Relative & Family-Sponsored
      • Spouse of a U.S. Citizen (IR1, CR1)
      • Fiancé(e) of a U.S. Citizen (K1)
      • Intercountry adoption (IR3, IH3, IR4, IH4)
      • Specific family members of U.S. Citizens (IR2, CR2, IR5, F1, F3, F4)
      • Specific family members of Lawful Permanent Residents (F2A, F2B)
    • Employment-Based
      • Priority workers
      • Advanced degree professionals and those of exceptional ability
      • Professionals
      • Job creators or investors
      • Religious workers

  • Nonimmigrant Visa (visas available in parentheses)
    • Purpose for visit
      • Professional athlete (B-1)
      • Au pair (J)
      • Border Crossing Card: Mexico (BCC)
      • A Business visitor (B-1)
      • Foreign national with extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics (O)
      • Intra-company transferee (L)
      • Physician (J, H-1B)
      • Student (F, M)
      • Tourism (B2)
      • Spouse and children of a Lawful Permanent Resident (V)

This is not a complete list of available visas, and you might be eligible for a visa not listed above. If you are curious about whether you are eligible for a certain visa, then make sure you speak to an experienced immigration attorney who can evaluate your case.

How Can Malik Law Help You with Your Immigration Issue?

Attorney Richa Malik can help guide you down the right path in dealing with your immigration issue. She will help you put together a complete and effective application to give you the best opportunity to be approved for the visa you seek. She will be available to answer your questions along the way, so you can understand what is going on with your case at any given moment. 

Whether you are looking to obtain an immigrant or a non-immigrant visa, it is important to have an experienced attorney's help and guidance. If you file incomplete or inaccurate immigration paperwork, then you can expect delays and additional costs. Having Richa on your side will ensure you avoid these mistakes in your immigration case. If you have legal questions, then call us at Malik Law, PLLC, so that we can help!

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If you have legal questions, then it is important that you speak to an experienced attorney.

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