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The United States is witnessing one of the most dynamic policy periods in the immigration arena, with the Trump administration moving to reshape many facets of the immigration system with the use of its executive powers. The administration's marked activity on the immigration front contrasts sharply with Congress, which has been largely unable to tackle substantive change to the immigration system over nearly two decades.

While the administration has been significantly focused on the border, this report examines a range of policy areas that have not been at the forefront of debate but deserve greater information sharing with the public and policymakers. “This period of significant action by the executive branch, which has surfaced a real questioning of long-held immigration policies and practices, presents a new opportunity for lawmakers to inject policy ideas of their own into what has been prolonged, often stagnant, legislative debates,” the report states.

Everything you need to know about Deportation

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Everything You Need to Know About Deportation Alt: Deportation Explained, Including What You Must Do to Stop the Deportation Process Deportation is “the formal removal of a foreign national from the U.S. for violating an immigration law.” You or a loved one may face deportation if you: E...


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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) for Those Facing Deportation Alt: An Immigrant's Answers to Your Deportation FAQs For an immigrant, the threat of deportation is among the gravest you can face. The prospect of separation from your loved ones, livelihood, and life in America will undou...

Green card

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Green Card Surplus — What Does It Mean? An often overlooked complication of the Covid-19 pandemic is its effect on United States immigration processes. Widespread embassy closures and staffing reductions for immigration officials led to a massive backlog of green card applications in 2020. The...


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Adoption is a legal process where an individual assumes parental responsibilities over a child. The adoption process transfers parental rights and obligations from the existing legal or biological parents to the adoptive parents. The process of adoption requires court approval which occurs after ...


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WASHINGTON — As Democrats scramble to ensure that protections for millions of undocumented immigrants are included in a sprawling social-safety net package, Dr. Pranav Singh is focused on a lesser-known plan to address the green card backlog that pushed him to leave his family and job in Iowa...

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