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Tayyiba Khan

Tayyiba Khan is an accomplished legal professional with a wealth of experience spanning diverse jurisdictions and legal domains. With a proven track record in managing complex legal matters and a commitment to excellence, Tayyiba has emerged as a respected figure in the legal field.

Tayyiba's academic journey began with a Bachelors of Laws LLB from the University of Peshawar, Pakistan setting the stage for her legal prowess. Following her passion for comparative law, she earned a Master of Laws LLM from the University of San Diego in 2020, where she delved into the intricacies of legal systems from a global perspective. Complementing her educational achievements, Tayyiba obtained a Paralegal Training Certificate from California State University Long Beach in 2021, enhancing her practical skills like legal research, legal analysis and bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

Tayyiba's journey in the legal realm began with her pivotal role at the Ghantoot Group, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. As an In-House Legal Counsel, she orchestrated legal affairs for the entire Ghantoot Group and sister group of companies, a conglomerate operating across Middle East, South Asia and Africa. Tayyiba's responsibilities extended to Johannesburg, South Africa, and Sri Lanka, where she masterfully navigated corporate intricacies, including company wind-ups, mergers, and acquisitions. Her astute evaluation of legal risks, compliance with regulations, and strategic corporate restructuring initiatives contributed significantly to the group's success.

Tayyiba's passion for legal service and community support is evident through her roles in the United States. During her tenure as a Legal Assistant at U.S. Immigration & Legal Help in Riverside, CA, she demonstrated her commitment to client success by assisting individuals and families with their naturalization applications. Tayyiba's consultative approach, combined with her meticulous drafting of immigration forms and comprehensive case histories for Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS), marked her dedication to delivering exceptional service.

Her dedication extended to the USD Legal Clinic in San Diego, CA, where she volunteered her expertise. Engaging in immigration law cases, Tayyiba honed her legal skills while crafting case histories, drafting immigration forms, and preparing insightful memoranda that showcased her analytical prowess.

Tayyiba's journey also includes her pivotal role as a Legal Consultant at TMKN Legal Consultants in Abu Dhabi. Here, she facilitated complex acquisitions, reviewed documents, and provided strategic legal solutions to address commercial needs. Her ability to independently handle arbitration in a real estate case highlighted her proficiency in dispute resolution and legal strategy.

Moreover, Tayyiba's tenure at Shaker Matouq Legal Consultants in Abu Dhabi attested her versatility. Successfully navigating diverse cases, she regularly attended legal proceedings, prepared case histories, and meticulously maintained case records.

Tayyiba Khan's dynamic career, spanning continents and legal domains, speaks volumes of her expertise, commitment, and impact in the legal arena. Her ability to manage complex corporate matters, navigate immigration law intricacies, and provide strategic legal counsel underscores her versatility and dedication to achieving exceptional outcomes.

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