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Richa Malik

Every small business has a story and a founder that has a passion for what they do. At Malik Law, we have a passion for helping people and do so through the legal system. We firmly believe that those who want to come to the United States largely want to avail themselves of the opportunities here while contributing and giving back both economically and culturally. Attorney Richa Malik's personal and professional story and passion led her to create Malik Law, PLLC, a law office for all.

Professional Bio of Richa Malik

Attorney Richa Malik is the founder of Malik Law, PLLC, and is an immigrant to the United States herself. Richa was born in the state of Rajasthan, India. She grew up in India and earned her BA in English literature and her Bachelor of Law (LLB) from Maharaja Ganga Singh University. She then earned her Master of Law (LLM) from the University of Rajasthan in 2017 before immigrating to the United States and settling in Southern California. Richa speaks several languages, including English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and is currently learning Spanish. 

Education and Certificates

  • Maharaja Ganga Singh University
    B.A. English Literature 2011
  • Maharaja Ganga Singh University
    Bachelor of Law (LLB) 2014
  • University of Rajasthan
    Master of Law (LLM)  2017
  • Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Terminology Certificate
    Loreman, October 2021
  • Washington Bankruptcy Certificate
    Quimbee, October 2021
  • Immigration Law Specialist Certificate
    Washington Online Learning Institute, October 2021
  • Preparation of Immigration Forms Certificate
    National Notary Association, October 2021
  • An active member of Oregon state bar  2021 
  • Certification of  graduation ( Federal Income Tax)
  • National Tax Training School, November 2021

The Story of Malik Law

Malik Law was founded to help people face the difficulties in dealing with the American immigration system and other legal issues through a personal approach. Richa Malik is the only attorney at Malik Law, PLLC, and will be your attorney from the beginning to the end of your case. Richa needed help as an immigrant to the United States and had an awful experience after hiring a bad attorney, which ended up costing thousands of dollars and prevented Richa from seeing her husband for a year. Malik Law was created so you don't have the same experience. Richa wants to make your immigration experience or other legal experience as positive an experience as possible. 

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