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Frequently Asked Questions — Immigrating from Mexico to the US in 2022

Posted by Richa Malik | Aug 17, 2022 | 0 Comments

Mexican nationals may find the United States appealing, both for economic opportunities, or to reunite with family and loved ones. If you are considering immigrating from Mexico to the US, here are some questions you might ask.

Is Now a Good Time to Immigrate to the US?

Yes. Around 11 million Mexican immigrants currently live in the United States, making them the largest immigrant group in the country. The Spanish language is not uncommon, especially in Mexican-influenced communities in California, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.

How Can I legally Gain US Residency?

Mexicans immigrating to the US need to obtain a Green Card to establish themselves as a permanent resident. The most common way to do that is by employment- or family-based immigration. It is also possible for Mexican nationals to enter the US seeking asylum, though that process can be more complex and uncertain.

What is Employment-Based Immigration?

One of the most consistent ways to immigrate is to secure a job at a US-based company. These can be temporary (such as E visas and TN visas for NAFTA professionals) but can also result in a Green Card (EB visas). They typically require the US employer to sponsor your petition. 

What is Family-Based Immigration?

If you have a US citizen or permanent resident family member willing to sponsor your immigration, this may be your best option. The highest priorities for these types of visas are US citizens' spouses, parents, and children (21 and younger).

What is Asylum?

Asylum seekers fearing persecution in Mexico enter the US before petitioning for residency. This option was made more difficult with the Trump Administration's “Remain In Mexico” policy, which returns some asylum seekers to Mexico while awaiting the outcome of their petition.

Who Can Help Me?

Richa Malik is an Indian immigrant who knows firsthand the many pitfalls of US immigration procedures. She is motivated to make the process as smooth as possible for immigrants of all nationalities. Contact Malik Law online or at (206)-771-6207 for a free consultation.

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